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Hellcat Widebody Kit Now Available for Older Dodge Challenger




The Dodge Challenger has been out for quite some time now. If the model hasn't changed drastically in the past 14 years, it's been improved a lot. And by improved, I mean Dodge added a ton of ponies under the hood while simultaneously updating its shell to make it more aggressive year after year. The latest bigger and meaner version of the Challenger is the Super Stock with its 807 hp supercharged V8 and a standard Widebody kit. The only issue is the price. To be able to put your hands on the steering wheel of this actual muscle car, you need to spend nothing less than CAD 111,265. Well, in the worst-case scenario, you can always spend just shy of CAD 90,000 to get a regular Widebody Challenger Hellcat, which is still insanely expensive. 


If you already have a challenger or want to spend less money and have the same look, there is a solution for you. Dodge is now offering a Widebody kit conversion for 2015 and older Challenger models. The good news doesn't stop there since the kit is surprisingly not so expensive. For $1495, you can get the famous SRT Hellcat Hood. If you want a deep, very aggressive front fascia kit, this only costs $1.995. Finally, the Widebody kit itself, we're talking about $2.495. All this is now available thru Dodge's parts catalog, and you can get even more parts to upgrade, even the most basic Challenger to make it an actual muscle car. Of course, we are talking US dollars for the parts mentioned here, so if you live in Canada, you must expect to pay a little more than that.


The Success of the Challenger


The increase in popularity of the Dodge Challenger in the past couple of years can be attributed to the American manufacturer giving its customers exactly what they wanted, which is more power and craziness. While Ford and Chevy are fighting on efficiency, aerodynamics, and engineering, Dodge, on its side, just adds more horsepower and unique visual elements to its Challenger every year. What's funny about this situation is the Challenger that has never been more popular than today.


Dodge is the only manufacturer of the three who added an all-wheel-drive system to its muscle car, and it worked. Then, Dodge launched the Demon, which was a massive success despite being too quick for NHRA competition and dangerous to drive on the road. The Challenger Demon production has been over for four years now, and if you are looking to get a used unit, prices can go as high as CAD 300,000. Today, the Challenger has nothing less than six supercharged versions and three other V8 variants with the naturally aspirated 6.4 liters and the 5.7 liters. Let's say it's pretty easy to get a 700 hp car; car let me tell you, the Challenger is pretty fast despite its size and weight.


If you are looking for a sports car to enjoy a lot, there aren't many options that can compete with the Challenger, and now the Widebody kit is available for every version. You don't need to pay big bucks to get the most aggressive look out there for the Challenger.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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