What Do You Know about Chrysler's Commercial Division?

What do you know about Chrysler's Commercial division

You may already know that Chrysler operates a commercial fleet division, but did you know that it serves the needs not only of companies but of entrepreneurs, municipalities, police forces and more in British Columbia and right across Canada? The services Chrysler's commercial division offers is varied and highly advantageous - learn how!

Wide Range of Vehicles

For starters, the FCA fleet division, known as FCA Canada Fleet Operations, offers clients in British Columbia a wide choice of makes, models and vehicle types to meet all sorts of needs and budgets. Need a fleet of economical cars for city use? A range of trucks for contracting or other work? Premium passenger cars? Fuel-efficient transportation vans? They've got you covered!

A True Partnership

In Chrysler's view, every contract entered into with a client is in reality a partnership, one dedicated to making a success of your commercial venture. This is why you benefit from quick and efficient customer service, because your business can't afford to wait. It's called dealing with professionals, professionally.

Specialized Maintenance and Repair Services

The service extends to providing first-rate maintenance and repair services - again, with an eye to making sure your fleet vehicles are never out of action any longer than necessary, so your business can keep running smoothly. Remember that Chrysler dealerships in British Columbia operate specialized service centres with modern equipment and specially trained, certified technicians and advisors, ready to service your fleet vehicles.

Ram Upfit Centre

Unsurprisingly, a big part of FCA Canada Fleet Operations services involve the highly regarded and versatile line of Ram trucks. Chrysler operates a dedicated Ram Upfit Centre able to modify your fleet of Ram trucks with custom add-ons and equipment so they perfectly meet your specific needs. We benefit from unmatched expertise in FCA vehicles and products, so you know the job will be done right.


FCA Canada Fleet Operations clients benefit from an incentive program that provides exclusive discounts. What does it take to qualify? Less than you might think! Any client who registers five vehicles with the program, or who purchases three or more vehicles at the same time, qualifies for the FCA Fleet Program. Clients also benefit from reduced-rate financing with the Fleet Basic Allowance Discounts program.

Types of Accounts

As mentioned, the types of customers who make use of Chrysler's fleet services in Canada are varied. There are six categories of Fleet Accounts, in fact, that cover a wide range of enterprises and organizations:

    A. H.N.G. Qualified Commercial Accounts

    B. Government Accounts

    C. Dealership FAN (Fleet Account Number)

    D. Independent Lease Companies

    E. Independent Utility Accounts

    F. Independent Daily Rental Company

    G. Utility Accounts

We invite you to contact Willowbrook Chrysler to find out how we can make the FCA Fleet Program work for you and your enterprise!