The Dodge Journey Compact Crossover: Big For its Britches

The Dodge Journey Compact Crossover: Big For its Britches

The Dodge Journey has always managed to bridge the divide between SUV and minivan like no other vehicle. Kudos to the folks at Chrysler for finding the sweet spot between driving responsiveness and generous passenger and cargo space in an affordable package. If you're in Langley near Surrey, Abbotsford in greater Vancouver and are looking for a family vehicle that won't make you feel like you're piloting a boat, the new Dodge Journey should be at the top of your list.

Utility Made Cool

Try to think of another 7-passenger vehicle with loads of cargo space that scores high on the cool chart. The Dodge Journey is a sleek, streamlined crossover that doesn't from the outside flaunt the ample interior space it offers. Chrysler deliberately set out to maximize cabin space for occupants and gear at the expense of unnecessary styling touches. Nonetheless Chrysler offers a long list of enticing extra features so that you can dress up your Dodge Journey to suit your preferences.

Best-Seller For a Reason

Extras and other bells and whistles aside, most Canadians looking for family transportation want safety, reliability and value in their vehicle. The fact that the Dodge Journey is today the top-selling mid-size CUV in the country is a testament to the fact it scores highly on those crucial points. The price point of the Dodge Journey, for example, is substantially lower than those of the Honda Pilot, the Nissan Murano and the Kia Sorento.

Vast Trunk Space, Rows of Comfort

Three rows of comfortable seating is not to be sneezed at, and the Dodge Journey scores well in that regard. Yet it still manages to find room for a very spacious trunk able to accommodate all sorts of gear and larger objects - total capacity runs to 1,121 litres, before you even count the 60/40 split fold rear seat which provides a ton of extra capacity. Extra storage bins under the front seat and in the second row offer tons of space for stowing personal effects.

Visit your Willowbrook Chrysler in Langley near Surrey, Abbotsford in greater Vancouver today to learn more about the many features and available financing packages for the new Dodge Journey.