Return of the Demon

Return of the Demon

Dodge is set to make quite a splash at the upcoming New York International Auto Show in April 2017 with the unveiling of its resurrection of the automaker's Demon-tagged performance car. The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will follow some two years after the company took the industry by storm with the launch of the Challenger SRT Hellcat and Charger SRT Hellcat, two of the most powerful and fastest muscle cars to ever be declared street-legal.

Dodge has been progressively releasing a series of teaser videos - that you can check out right here - and posting other juicy information about the highly anticipated new performance model. Each subsequent release provides viewers with more eye candy regarding the Demon, its sleek look and its long, long list of bling, cutting-edge systems and outrageous performance capabilities.

Performance Heritage

Dodge has long been synonymous with performance for North American consumers, and with the company's consolidation of the SRT brand it is signaling its firm intention to focus on those performance roots with every model it produces. In each segment it features in, Dodge is situating its model as the mainstream performance version of choice, while the SRT takes the high performance road, with pulse-raising results. Now the company is set to resurrect the Demon tag, which first featured in the Dodge lineup back in 1971.

Extras Galore

For many muscle car lovers, one of the features - other than its wider body - that will make the SRT Demon stand out from the rest is the host of extras it will come with. It starts with the custom-painted crate each Demon will be delivered in, adorned with a metal tag displaying with the vehicle's VIN number and the buyer's name.