Dodge Journey, the Perfect Car for your Family

Dodge Journey, the Perfect Car for your Family

There is no shortage of options in the mid-sized crossover SUV segment, a category that has been crowded up in recent years in response to strong demand for versatile family vehicles that don't blow through fuel and offer value, not to mention some luxury to go with the necessities. Perhaps no vehicle comes closer to being the perfect family vehicle than the new Dodge journey, and here's why:

1. Seven seats for the price of five: the Dodge Journey can be fitted to include a third-row seat so that up to seven occupants can fit in comfortably, all at a price point that makes the SUV competitive with five-seat crossovers. The seats, by the way, are larger than average for the category, and the second row in particular has been singled out for offering the best level of space and comfort yet in a family vehicle - think wide seats, contoured to fit adults, and the ability to roll the entire bench forwards or backwards to optimize comfort.

2. Minivan space with crossover sleekness: The Dodge Journey is most definitely not your grandpa's car. A sleek, aggressive front end and aerodynamic contours give it a look and performance capabilities that do anything but call to mind stodgy minivans of yore. And yet, with its largest-in-class interior space, the Journey offers a ton of interior roominess. No other compact crossover comes close in fact to providing the same ease of movement and head- and leg-room for even large and/or tall passengers.

3. Power with grace: Available in either a 2- or 4-wheel drive option, as well as with a 3.6-litre 283 HP engine with 6-speed automatic transmission as an attractive upgrade on the base 2.4-litre, 177 HP motor with 4-speed transmission, the newest iteration of the Dodge Journey is mindful of not skimping on power even while it makes huge strides in terms of fuel economy over not only its predecessor model but also current segment competitors like the Chevrolet Equinox, Kia Sorento and Toyota RAV4. A particular strong point on the new Journey is the ride smoothness it is able to provide for even third-row passengers,

4. Cargo room: Even when full of people in the seats, the Dodge Journey gives  you a ton of cargo space and a host of convenient smaller storage areas to tuck away a significant amount of items without disturbing anyone's comfort. The rear seat also folds fully flat to create a truly massive cargo area when needed.

5. Bling on demand: Available as options for those who want to make their Dodge journey that much more upscale are platinum chrome accents, Hyper Black alloy wheels (Crossroad models), sport mesh seats and an upgraded infotainment system with 8.4-inch screen (Crossroad Plus models), and much more. Opt to plug your Dodge Journey in available Sirius Satellite Radio and TravelLink interactive features, and treat your ears to a premium 360W sound system. It all adds up to an exhilarating driving and ownership experience.